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My name is Ashlyn Twait and I am an aspiring tattoo artist. I am 26 years old, an Aries, and a busy mom to two cats and a puppy! I've always had a intense passion for tattoos- for as long as I can remember. I got my first tattoo a couple days after turning 18 and I've been addicted ever since. I've always had a love for art and being creative, but never thought I could make a career out of it. As I got older, I started tattooing as a way to get free tattoos for myself. I never imagined the way tattooing felt for me would be an instant click! I've been tattooing now for over 6 years, and have been constantly practicing on both myself and my loved ones to hone in on my craft. My ultimate goal for a career is to open a woman owned and operated tattoo shop and create a safe and loving space for anyone looking to get creative and inspiring artwork captured on their skin. I've been apprenticing under an amazing artist and have been working to expand my skill everyday. 


Right now as I'm learning, I'm accepting all styles and techniques to expand my knowledge base. But I'm finding everyday I love big and bold tattoos with exciting subject matter to truly show my artistry.

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